Dual Diagnosis Nurse Manager

o Five to eight years of direct care experience is recommended, at least one of which that involves an acute and/or emergency medical unit, and at least one year on a psychiatric unit
o Supervisory experience
o All requirements for a Registered Nurse
o Compliance with the Federal Regulations, 42 CFR Part 2, Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug
Abuse Patients and HIPAA Regulations;
o Compliance with DPH, DMH, Joint Commission, DEA and all other regulatory agencies as required;
o Knowledge of ASAM criteria;
o Assure patient care is meeting best practice standards;
o Assure compliance with all governing regulations and payor guidelines;
o Assure compliance with High Point policies and procedures;
o Participate in the recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, and evaluation of nursing staff;
o Assist in developing nursing and medication records on each patient;
o Reviews and makes recommendations regarding policies and procedures;
o Reports to Infection Control Committee as needed;
o Assist in monitoring inventory, ordering of medications, and equipment needed for daily operation of the unit in collaboration with the pharmacy;
o Responsible for the fiscal management i.e. nursing budge for the unit;
o Participate in quality assurance and implementing QA planning, including Tally Card, CQI and/or failure mode projects;
o Reviews Incident Reports and Sentinel Events, as required;
o Provide supervision for nursing staff personnel (and MHSs on IPU) per HPTC supervision policy;
o Maintain and update nursing policy and procedure manual;
o Supervise maintenance of infection control data and oversee compliance with OSHA requirements;
o Participate in all required committee meetings;
o Responsible for the proper disposal of medications;
o Responsible for the scheduling of nurses in order to maintains adequate nursing staffing patterns;
o Meets monthly with the Nurse Managers to maintain consistency in nursing practice;
o Responsible for overseeing medical care on CSS Units associated with their unit;
o Attend mandatory training to update knowledge base and enhance both professional and personal growth;
o Other duties as assigned by the Director of Nurses/ Vice President of Inpatient Services/Chief Operating Officer to insure safe and appropriate operation of the facility.

Don't Be Fooled

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